Don’t Give Up – Overcoming Addiction

People who struggle with personal problems have usually done so over a long period of time.  Many times they have tried to change or to stop what they’re doing, only to fail repeatedly.  They become very discouraged.  They may desperately want to change, but they see no way that they can because of their history.
You must never give up hope, because truly there is help.  What many people don’t realize is that it’s not that we just need to change our behavior.  But we must see ourselves as we truly are.  It is the nature of the human person to want to solve problems on our own to find ways where we can manipulate our lives and make our own selves happy.

You may struggle with the problem for many years, making every effort to overcome it. All of this results in despondency and often drives you deeper into the very problem you are trying to escape.

There really is hope for you.  Real change can come to you.  It happens in an environment where you can experience the combination of the working of the Spirit of God, the people of God  and the Word of God. Living Free groups seek to encourage such an environment.

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