Why there is ALWAYS Hope

It’s heartbreaking to watch a loved one destroy their body and mind through abuse, and we often feel as though there is nothing we can do to make things better, and not through lack of trying either.

Addictions show incredible resilience, and addicts continue their abuse even in the face of some terrible consequences. Families yell, plead and bribe, to no good effect and if losing a job, a family and even good health can’t change behaviors, what hope can family hold?7317f9bd1da9d390c7a24abad1bd0e74_35bcea8_image_hope

Thankfully, although things can sometimes seem bleak, families do have some powerful tools to effect change, and when they provide tough, educated and loving support, they can make a difference.

Addiction is rarely intuitive, and what makes sense isn’t necessarily what works. Find out what you can do to get an addict into treatment, and what you can do during and after rehab to make sure that treatment brings sobriety, brings health and brings peace.

People recover from addictions everyday; having a loving and supportive family can make the difference.

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