21 Ways to Forgive – Video resource for all 31 Chapters

This download is available for purchase at the link. The videos are to be used with the Teacher’s Manual. This video is 77 minutes long and has 31 short chapters. A teacher can play a few minutes of Wes Daughenbaugh as he teaches, then stop the DVD and lead discussion, prayer and additional study.

Групповые занятия для новообращенных христиан – видео – video

his course is foundational to anyone teaching the Group Studies for New Christians curriculum. It gives a basic understanding of how the curriculum is structured and how it fits into the overall discipleship training of the Teen Challenge program. It is also useful to all staff members of Teen Challenge as an overview of the program. Последняя версия: 11-2016

Creative Teaching Methods – Video

This course is part of the Group Studies teacher training. It is basic not only to the GSNC teachers but to all staff as they prepare teachings for discipleship training. It can also be useful for all staff working in the Teen Challenge ministry no matter what their responsibilities.

Las Series EPNC 200-300

This session describes the 200 & 300 series lessons, and gives a brief overview of each. It also discusses different ways to use the materials. Lesson 401 is also discussed.

Introducing the Character Qualities Class

This video explains the PSNC “Character Qualities Class”. It also explains use of the student manual, the 8 Steps used in studying a character quality, the use of the checklist, and the final test.

10P Cómo establecer el programa educacional de EPNC

Cómo establecer el programa educacional de EPNC, How to setup the PSNC Educational Program
This is part 10 of the Teacher Training for the Personal Studies for New Christians.
See for additional materials

Principios Clave al Éxito de Teen Challenge parte 2

This video is in both English & Spanish. This course is the introductory session to both the Personal Studies Teacher Training and the Group Studies Teacher Training. It can also be useful for the basic training of all staff working in the Teen Challenge ministry no matter what their responsibilities.


This teaching on Forgiveness is part of a multi-part series called Leadership Intensive. This segment instructs participants on what forgiveness is, how to forgive, and how to lead someone in this process of forgiveness.

Global Teen Challenge History

This is a discussion of the history of Global Teen Challenge. Dave Batty interviews Mike Zello and Jerry Nance about the beginning of Global Teen Challenge and their current ministry around the world.

Video 4 – Interview with Mary Arguinzoni

Mary Arguinzoni was just a teenager when David Wilkerson came to New York City. In this interview she recalls her experiences in the early days of Teen Challenge.
Mary’s father was a Pastor of a small Hispanic church that befriended David when he visited the city to minister to the gang members. She was girl who was asked to sing each night of the crusades held at St. Nicholas arena which is where and when Nicky Cruz, Israel and the gang members came to Christ. See the book or the film “The Cross and the Switchblade” for the complete story.

Video 3: The “How-To’s” of Intake

The “How-To’s” of Intake (part 3): While parts one and two dealt with more of the philosophy behind the intake process, this video walks the viewer through the remaining pieces of the intake training manual, giving practical insights and the steps needed to bring a student successfully into the program.

Video 2: Ministering to Families in Crisis

Ministering to Families in Crisis (part 2): This video discusses a six-step process beginning with listening to the family\’s story and ending with an intervention/interview with the potential student.

Intake Training Part 1 — Discerning Ministry Potential

Discerning Ministry Potential (part 1): This video focuses on the reality of loved ones contacting the center rather than the individual needing help, and how to minister to them and position them to come along side you so you can work together to facilitate life transformation.

Video – Counseling the Drug Addict

This teaching on counseling the drug addict is being taught by David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge. It was recorded in the late 1970’s at Wilkerson’s Twin Oaks Leadership Academy in Lindale, Texas. Wilkerson had been working with alcoholics, drug addicts, gang members and prostitutes for nearly 20 years at the time. The advice he gives future Teen Challenge workers is still useful today.

Teen Challenge USA History

Description: a discussion of the spread of the Teen Challenge ministry across the USA. Dave Batty interviews Frank Reynolds, Mike Zello and Jerry Nance about their experiences in the exciting early days of Teen Challenge.

New Testament Survey – The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory

This is a 10 part video series based on the course written by Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo and Marcia Munger. This course is survey of the New Testament brings a realization that God speaks authoritatively to the church and the world today, just as He did in the New Testament and throughout the course of history. This is provided by Global University.