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La Red - Values Training
La Red - Values Training

La Red - Values Training is a biblically-based curriculum of 40 Values separated into 4 module books. Individuals, small groups and businesses may use the RoundTable Methodology to explore the 40 Character Values.Designed for one hour per week to study a principle that is designed to become the seed for change. There are 40 principles in the La Red Foundations for Achievement training and they have been placed in a specific order to help you get to know yourself, measure your actions and your reactions. Self Government Self Government establishes the foundational attributes needed for an individual to take responsibility for themselves. Productivity Productivity is designed to impact the mind of the leader. This changes the point of view. Many problems, especially those involving communication, can be solved with another perspective. Management Management helps to establish the will of an individual. This module stresses the importance of being able to make change happen by becoming an agent of change. Leadership The Leadership module stresses the power of favor and influence. Personal power is greater than position power. We focus on building relationships that bring about royalty trust and commitment.