No Longer Alone: Rising Above Childhood Sexual Abuse – Book information

Uploaded on December 17th, 2014

No Longer Alone: Rising Above Childhood Sexual Abuse
By Sallie Culbreth, Director and founder of Committed to Freedom

Paperback, 121 pages (Publisher: NavPress, 2009)

If you’re a survivor of abuse, you know firsthand the feelings of abandonment, betrayal, exposure, and despair. What you might not realize is how fully Jesus knows them too. His abuse began with a kiss. Here Jesus shares his personal story in response to the question, “Do you know what it’s like?” Listen as Jesus explains that he knows dread, betrayal, humiliation, and much more – feelings that abuse survivors live with and Jesus lived through and died for.
Each chapter includes questions for self-reflection and group discussion.
Visit NavPress to read a sample chapter.
This book is an excellent window into the life of a person who experienced childhood sexual abuse and how she addressed that damage in her life.

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