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We are always looking for people to help us translate materials and we could definitely use your help. Let us know if you are interested in helping translate materials. We want to provide these excellent resources to all of the nations. Click here if you would like to help translate.


Your donations will help us in many ways. For instance, we are seeking to translate all of our resources into every language. Since we are adding new resources all of the time, we will always be translating.

Also, this site is a living, breathing repository that we are constantly updating. Donations will help fund our efforts to provide high quality, current resources. Not to mention, we are always looking for new ways to make the site better so that we can better serve the resources that we have.


We, by no means, have all of the resources that we need. We would love your help in finding new resources to help train those in Teen Challenge. If you have a resource that you think we may be able to use, please click here and submit that resource so we can review it.

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