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Finishing Well – Teachers Notes
Finishing Well – Teachers Notes

This download contains teacher notes that can be used with the resource articles and student notes available at this site.
revised 1-8-2014

English EnglishTeaching notes
Finishing Well – Student Notes
Finishing Well – Student Notes

This download contains a study guide for student use during the study of this course.
revised 1-8-2014

English EnglishNotesheet
Finishing Well – Resource articles- pdf
Finishing Well – Resource articles- pdf

These articles by Dr. J. Robert Clinton come from the Clinton Biblical Leadership Commentary CD copyrighted 1999. This commentary is available from the Clinton Resources at
And what is true of Biblical leaders is equally true of historical and contemporary leaders. It is the first observation to which this article speaks. Identifying the fact that few leaders finish well was a breakthrough warning for me. This led to further study. Why do few leaders finish well? What stops them? What helps them? What does it mean to finish well? This article identifies six characteristics of those finishing well.

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